MyConnection Server New Release Information

MCS v9.7i, July 16th, 2014:

•  MyConference plugin improvements

MCS v9.7h, July 4th, 2014:

•  UDP Capacity Test memory update
•  Access Device Firmware update

MCS v9.7g, June 13th, 2014:

•  Analysis Toolkit update
•  Java compatibility update
•  Route test update

MCS v9.7f, May 8th, 2014:

•  Agent related license code update
•  Agent logging improved

MCS v9.7e, March 14th, 2014:

•  Added scroll functionality to summary tab
•  Reverse Proxy configuration improvements
•  WWW Logs improved

MCS v9.7d, February 18th, 2014:

•  Connection threadpooling
•  AccessCT/CM license management performance improvement
•  Reporting error detected in Google Chrome
•  Remote Agent supports Raspberry PI
•  "acts.db" file now a directory with one file per entry. Greatly improves performance.

MCS v9.7c, January 19th, 2014:

•  Updated Certificate.

MCS v9.7b, November 22nd, 2013:

•  In a speed test, the applet and RA both stop sending data once the server has hit its limit.
•  New firmware release.
•  Note previous firmware update broke auto-update mechanism, so customers upgrading from that will need to update manually.

MCS v9.7a, November 1st, 2013:

•  Added Support for Signed Applets - more information

More to follow...

MCS v9.5g, July 26th, 2013:

•  Fixed bug: A page 404 error when creating a new user

MCS v9.5f, July 15th, 2013:

•  Updated Mac OS agent - previously shipped with an old version
•  Fixed issue caused by Jobfuscate in RA speed test
•  Removed VoIP RTT related fields in RA config
•  Smarter selection of SQL connection driver. If two versions are installed, it picks the latest
•  New location database
•  For redirect-after-login feature, "/myspeed" is prepended to the given URL automatically unless the user types it manually
•  New Access firmware
•  Reporting fix for Applied Systems

MCS v9.5e, July 1st, 2013:

•  UDP / TCP protocol setting in SIP
•  Template listing of normal reports (work for Grid Report View)
•  Re-interpreted RA test with zero interval to mean "run continuously" (it previously ran once then stopped)
•  If test interval is changed for an RA test whilst that test is being run, the change applies to the next run. (If changed for a finite test which has already completed, it's ignored)
•  New ACT firmware

MCS v9.5c, May 1st, 2013:

•  Multiple tests can now be run in parallel. For instance, a TCP throughput test and a VoIP test can now be conducted simultaneously or sequentially.

MCS v9.5b, March 4th, 2013:

•  Update to Capacity test for extra accuracy at very high packet rates
•  Update to Capacity test detects and overrun issues, where buffering causes packet flow to be limited without any loss (for example when all the packets are sent within 10 seconds but take 20 to be received).
•  MyVoIP G.722 support
•  Added support for 10/12 sockets in MySpeed

MCS v9.5a, Feb 5th, 2013:

•  Stability, performance and bug fixes to the ATK (Analysis ToolKit)
•  Remote agent shutdown procedure more efficient on Unix systems
•  MyFirewall test improvements
•  Support for transaction log (in-depth details for all database activity) - if the file transactYYYY-MM.log.txt is created in /logs/
•  Console logs streamlined
•  Published page fix for users using Apache front-end
•  Fixed .bin file creation when publishing to a 3rd party server
•  Updated Access firmware
•  Updated IP2CC database
•  Unix installer improved
•  Fixed issue where ACM metrics were not posted to server when performing RA test to an HBSS
•  Increased max number of up/download sockets to 12, from 8 for the MySeed test
•  MyConnection Server now requires a minimum of Java 1.5 throughout

MCS v9.4p, Nov 12th 2012:

•  New updated location database for MyRoute
•  Changes to MyFirewall to allow greater control over port timeout options
•  Fix for MySpeed timeout issue when applet testing against ACM
•  Updated ACM firmware
•  Updated remote agent plugin
•  Where error occurs during MySpeed test, MCS logs as much of the test as was performed

MCS v9.4o, Sept 11th 2012:

•  Update to Video plugin to address backward-compatibility issue
•  VoIP plug-in bug fix

MCS v9.4n, August 23rd 2012:

•  New MyCapacity test
•  Added new capacity configuration options (significant and zero loss percentages)
•  Applet usage improvements
•  MyVideo improvements
•  Java and IE bug fixes
•  Improved logging in Remote Agents

MCS v9.4L, June 25th 2012:

  • Updates to MCS Monitor and MyVideo
  • Update for Help URL for assistance with Remote agent download errors
  • MCS v9.4k, May 24th 2012:

  • Added new Access series firmware
  • MyCapacity test applet/RA support fall-back to UDP method for getting results, if the server returns 404 for the HTTP method
  • Added speed dial without QOS
  • MyVideo test supports quality data
  • Allow setting of a default redirect page for all users
  • Prevent half-configured RAs from being created if the user aborts the RA wizard
  • MyVoIP downstream test - graph to show proper loss distribution
  • MyVoIP fix floating-point precision problem
  • Updated MyVideo test
  • Fix issue on updating RAs
  • Plugins can specify 'quality' fields for ACM use
  • MCS v9.4j, April 30th 2012:

  • Iptv plugin server code correction
  • Video plugin now send the correct number of packets at the right rate
  • MCS v9.4i, April 12th 2012:

  • Added Max/avg RRT stats to MySpeed and Quality data groups
  • Updated IP location database
  • Reduced MTU from 1500 bytes to 1492 bytes
  • Fixed FTP bug
  • Rolled back MTU discovery changes
  • Updated metrics for MyVideo applet and Remote Agent
  • MyCapacity: moved 'get results' mechanism to HTTP for improved analysis of connections with very high sustained packet loss
  • MCS v9.4e, January 22nd 2012:

  • Added several data fields as options for alert emails
  • Updated Mac OS Remote Agent
  • Added 'testdelay' and 'maxtestdelay' AccessCM advanced parameters
  • Added AccessCM Server status to main AccessCT status page
  • New AccessCM/CT firmware
  • New password parameter to database-adding URL - accepted if is password correct or not present, rejected if password present but incorrect.
  • New database password choice to security page
  • Fix the "backend server" data duplication problem
  • Fix for thread leak in FTP plugin
  • Fix issue in MyRoute where the traceroute accumulates then truncates to one hop just before finishing
  • MCS v9.4a, October 7th 2011:

  • Added login redirect ability
  • Added new ACL option
  • Added new SQL variable
  • Remote Agent improvements
  • MCS v9.3g, September 19th 2011:

  • Security improvements: cross-site request forgery protection
  • Added MyFirewall option to limit firewall activity to certain port ranges
  • Reduced applet size for improved performance
  • Improvements in MyCapacity test process
  • Improvements in applet error messaging
  • Added prevention of Access Control List from redirecting a page to itself (return a 403 instead)
  • Added extra audit data to Capacity test (packets per second, etc.)
  • MCS v9.3e, August 1st 2011:

  • Various mirroring bug fixes
  • MCS v9.3d, July 25th 2011:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • MCS v9.3a, May 6th 2011:

  • Fixed ACT problem in global mode re. lengths of instance IDs.
  • Added support for checking NQC password against the reporting server.
  • Added new ACT firmware.
  • Fix to DNS plugin.
  • Added thresholds setting back into monitor test page.
  • Added support for NQC licensing.
  • Fixed issue with v9.2k graphing.
  • Fixed issue with mirror servers.
  • Added support to stop the MCS applet bits/bytes switch to be clickable.
  • SIP bug fix.
  • Update to the Ping plugin to support thread pooling.
  • MCS v9.2k, April 13th 2011:

  • Graph overlay – can now plot a graph to show both transfer speed and packet drops
  • MCS Access Series data now provided in agent
  • Supports URL line to search database for entries after a certain record ID
  • Adds ability to suppress the database analysis link from connection test web pages
  • Download option for Access device status page as CSV file
  • New MCS Access Series firmware
  • MCS v9.2j, March 8th 2011:

  • Added IP address and other info to the ‘view text’ dialog on the applet’s Advanced tab
  • Fixed problem with gauge / line view selector in the applet config page
  • Hardened database code to better detect if files have been corrupted by an outside source
  • MCS v9.2i, February 18th 2011:

  • New MCS Access Series firmware
  • Added threshold support for MCS Access Series metrics
  • Workaround for Java issue causing blank applet on refresh
  • Whois caching in MyRoute
  • MyRoute speed improvements
  • Bug fix where local RA task could not be deleted with specific license key
  • MCS v9.2h, 28 December 2010:

  • Bug fix relating to test publication
  • Alerting now allows specific agent instances to be chosen
  • Bug fix relating to exported results in Excel
  • Bug fix relating to AccessCT privileges
  • Added RTT min/max/avg to plug-ins
  • Supports all new Mac OS X Agent
  • New ACM Firmware
  • Removed 'Capacity speed' readout from HiSpeed dial view
  • Supports multiple HBSS web sites
  • Applet now sends "&testto" parameter]
  • Support AccessCT metrics for HTTP download speed test
  • AccessCT field heading changes
  • MCS v9.2g, 19 November 2010:

  • CAT license usage screen
  • Added licensing for monitoring
  • Added RA command-line to change agent name
  • Database recovery
  • Fixed issue when agent tested to two satellite servers
  • Added last modified time to /rta/tasks for HBSS config
  • Supports larger POSTS
  • HBSS change to advanced tab (now 2 columns)
  • Fixed HBSS analysis portal URL
  • New ACT firmware
  • New ACT metrics added
  • MCS v9.2f, 6 November 2010:

  • Added the gauge view for MyHiSpeed connection tests
  • Added session ID as an alerting trigger
  • Added RTT to some monitoring plugins (more to follow)
  • Fixed bug where ‘warning’ alerts were shown as ‘informational’ in logs
  • Supports ‘mss.dbserver’ option in /mss list to specify the back-end database server
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.2e, 29 October 2010:

  • Improved thresholds page
  • Linked the colored lights in the detail reports to thresholds
  • Thresholds for decimal numbers (eg MOS) can now also be decimals
  • Added ‘basic firewall test’ template, can be used where custom test ports specified
  • Fixed bug where ‘warning’ alerts were shown as ‘informational’ in logs
  • Reporting – support ?ip= in URL line to filter reports by IP address
  • MyRoute – solved client to server trace issue
  • MCS v9.2c, 15 October 2010:

  • Extended permissions settings (admin role split up for greater control)
  • Satellite server1. ‘connect back to’ address now specifiable
  • New ‘branded’ template
  • Changes / improvements to MyCapacity UDP capacity test
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.2b, 6 October 2010:

  • Improved database performance
  • Fixed problem with downstream MyCapacity test
  • MCS v9.2a, 26 September 2010:

  • Supports automatic log-on
  • ‘Local Server Time’ now automatically changes with DST
  • Improved ‘testing’ permission to include all applet objects
  • ACT internal name supported
  • Improved remote agent error reporting
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.1e, 25 August 2010:

  • Bug fix: Database fix causing looping
  • Bug fix: alerts sometimes not firing for AccessCTs
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.1d, 24 August 2010:

  • Bug fix
  • MCS v9.1c, 16 August 2010:

  • Supports MySQL SSL
  • Updated MOS score calculation
  • MyCapacity supports different initial bandwidths for up/download
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.1a, 7 July 2010:

  • Mirror servers are now supported to provide enterprise reliability and combat hardware/software failures
  • Users can now been deleted in security options
  • New AccessCT firmware
  • MCS v9.0h, 7 June 2010:

  • Satellite Servers: improved support for NAT environments
  • Satellite Servers: improved efficiency in communications
  • Satellite Servers: speed test now supports reverse facing proxies
  • Improved logging in MySpeed
  • Added ‘infinite tests’ support – tests can now be defined with zero delay, meaning they are repeated forever (this is default for monitoring type tests)
  • Bug fix: corrected a problem with the MyRoute 'client to server' example test
  • MCS v9.0g, 31 May 2010:

  • Added applet config ‘jump-to’ link
  • Added $DETAILLINK$ and $<plugin>.ANALYSISLINK$ JavaScript links
  • Bug fix: corrected posting of threshold alert page
  • Bug fix: corrected a problem with one of the IPTV Codecs
  • MCS v9.0f, 14 May 2010:

  • MySpeed: Improved HTTP upload test process
  • Fixed problem of publishing a file where a file of that name already exists in the root ‘www’ directory
  • Improved logging in various places
  • MCS v9.0d, 30 April 2010:

  • MyFirewall: added support for NAT environments
  • MyRoute: added template for trace tests to any IP/host, trace tests initiating from the client
  • MCS Monitor: improved audit logging; fixed problem with Ping/Port
  • MyVoIP: decreased socket connect timeout for the SIP test
  • Data consolidation: improved memory efficiency
  • Email alerts: added $TESTTO$ field showing test target
  • MCS v9.0c, 21 April 2010:

  • Upgrade install fix
  • Monitoring plugins now show a dash where data is unavailable (previously showed zero).
  • MCS v9.0b, 13 April 2010:

    New Network Modules:
  • MyFirewall - test client connections for availability of application ports to determine if a firewall policies are restricting application services
  • MyHiSpeed - test high bandwidth fiber connections from 100Mbps to gigabit speeds over latencies up to 60 milliseconds
  • MCS Monitor - continuously monitor critical network services such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, SNMP, SIP and port availability, get automated alerts of problems. Response time is measured at regular intervals for devices/servers, routers and DNS, automated SIP testing monitors availability of essential VoIP communication services.
  • New features and shared components:
  • MySpeed gauge view - the MySpeed test now includes an option for a gauge view display for browser-based connection tests
  • Mirror Servers - provide enterprise reliability to combat hardware and software failures
  • Archive Servers - provide distributed reporting and support of secure DMZ deployments
  • Analysis Tool Kit (ATK) - provides quick access to connection results over extended periods of time, for trend and correlation analysis
  • SIP test - the MyVoIP test now includes an option to test SIP response to help determine if a remote client can establish a VoIP connection. Response times are reported for Register, Invite and Bye.
  • Request Times, Out of Bytes Analysis added to MyVideo Network Test Module.
  • User Accounts - control access to MCS functions by through user accounts.
  •  MCS v8 release history

    MCS v8.8h, 12 January 2010:

    • Expanded VoIP audit log to show all packets (previously showed first 100 only)
    • Minor bug fix for Remote Agents

    MCS v8.8f, 10 December 2009:

    • Added changes to improve the connection test process in a reverse proxy setting. The speed test upload file is changed from ⁄upload.bin to ⁄myspeed⁄upload.bin. The speed test download file specified in the settings .bin file has ‘⁄myspeed⁄’ prepended to it if it does not start with a slash.

    MCS v8.8d, 24 November 2009:

    • Added setting for UDP priority bit for AccessCT appliance, enables tests of VoIP jitter and packet loss at a priority setting

    MCS v8.8b, 12 October 2009:

    • Added client header info to the detail report page
    MyRoute supports ?go=xxx, which enables a host name/IP to be passed to the browser window
    • Fixed bug which caused a Remote Agent to fail to post the console log under some circumstances

    MCS v8.7d, 21 September 2009:

    • Added consolidation server support, which automatically consolidates connection test results from multiple MCS servers to a central database.
    • Updated Satellite Server package for Unix, which implements new satellite server features which were previously only available under Windows
    • Alerting: added criteria "all records for a specific plugin"
    • Added %SERVERID% field to SQL and advanced search areas. The server ID is the ID of the server which the test was performed to, which is necessary now that results from more than one server can be added to a single database. In reports, server IDs appear after record IDs. For example, record ID 9999 on server ID 5 appears as 9999/5.
    • Improved the way in which node names, ISPs and country codes are forwarded for the consolidation server. This now means that back-end servers no longer need Internet access.
    • The "test-from" IP address shown on the database server is now always the address of the client (rather than the probe server)
    • Added SQL field %RECORDSERVERID% which provides the record number and server ID if applicable. For example, record 987 from server 2 will show as 987/2, whereas record 654 from server 0 will show as 654.
    • Fixed bug causing server ID numbers to sometimes not appear

    MCS v8.6f, 16 July 2009:

    MySpeed: added ability to remove download times box completely
    MyVoIP: improved memory management which improves scalability
    MyRoute: added Trace to field – contains the original trace destination as specified by the user
    • MyRoute: added DNS time field
    • MyRoute: fixed problem where error 196608 was incorrectly generated
    MyIPTV: new max 60 second test
    • Alert action: writes to a log file (with configurable name / format)
    • Alerts support Trigger for all (enables logging of every test without condition)
    • Console log on web pages now displayed in a text box for improved performance
    • Improved SQL API performance
    • Fixed timeint field incompatibility with MS SQL

    MCS v8.6e, 26 June 2009:

    • Link to console log in AccessCT detail report
    • Fixed Javascript problem in RTAConfig page

    MCS v8.6d, 4 June 2009:

    AccessCT groups can be deleted
    • AccessCT lists now show firmware version
    • Agents Connected count updated before Remote Test page is displayed, so page always shows up-to-date info
    • Fixed problem where the SID entry box in the applet disappeared if the applet was animated
    MyRoute - ’permit traces to local network‘ option no longer applies to pre-specified hosts
    • Other minor fixes

    MCS v8.6c, 2 June 2009:

    AccessCT firmware update (v59)
    • Fixed bug where applet used for reviewing results would try to perform a new test

    MCS v8.6b, 5 May 2009:

    Remote Agents can be named as the machine running them.
    • Fixed bug causing ‘agent connected: undefined’ text

    MCS v8.6a, 21 April 2009:

    • MCS applet updated with modern Java controls
    • MCS applet now supports Unicode
    • VoIP downstream testing is now enabled by default
    • Fixed problem where published pages could not be deleted

    MCS v8.5b, 23 March 2009:

    • Usage limits can now be set on a per-page basis, as well as globally
    • Workaround for Java bug causing browser hang with specific ACL items

    MCS v8.5a, 17 March 2009:

    • Publishing system simplifies creation of custom web pages
    AccessCT central management
    • Improved SQL support (MCS BusinessCenter & NetworkCenter only)
    • MySpeed Upload QOS metric
    Remote Agents report any problems performing their tests back to user
    • Error ‘plugin’ reports any problems from Remote Agents or web page applets
    • Many minor improvements

    MCS v8.2b, 22 January 2009:

    • Improved data summarization for browser-based reports

    MCS v8.2a, 22 December 2008:

    • Added download packet order metric to VoIP
    • Applet HTML code added to custom page wizard
    • Permit long download speed tests
    • Added ‘test to’ column to reports which shows which satellite server was used
    • Added ‘X-Forwarded-For’ support (plus option to define which headers will be searched)
    • MyRoute ‘To begin...’ message now editable
    • MyRoute erratic hops # can be set to zero to disable
    • MyRoute colors table supports \r\n separators
    • Fixed bug where satellite server selected in test is sometimes ignored
    • Fixed bug which caused garbled summary page (> <)

    MCS v8.1g, 4 December 2008:

    • Updated IP location database (MyRoute)

    MCS v8.1f, 12 November 2008:

    • Minor bug fixes

    MCS v8.1e, 5 November 2008:

    • Support for 64-bit Java VMs (multiple lines)
    • Support for emailing on network with no DNS
    • Fixed IPTV problem

    MCS v8.1d, 29 October 2008:

    • Supports capacity speed testing (multiple lines)
    Satellite servers uninstall themselves upon deletion
    • Added option to test email settings for AlertAdvisor, improved SMTP mailing system
    • Added support for AFRINIC and APNIC, identification of routing loops (MyRoute)
    • Added data compression for test result data from Remote Agents to MCS Server
    • Various minor fixes and improvements

    MCS v8.1c, 25 September 2008:

    • Throttling option to enforce delay between test start times added for Remote Agents
    MyIPTV port swapping bug fix

    MCS v8.1b, 2 September 2008:

    • Various minor improvements and fixes

    MCS v8.1a, 15 August 2008:

    • New MyCapacity Network Test measures max download and upload throughput
    • New SQL Database API provides automated capture of MCS metrics to an external MySQL or SQL Server database (BusinessCenter and NetworkCenter only)
    • Ability to specify order of Network Test tabs with multiple tests in MCS applet
    • Predefined template tests
    • Time zone selection option for database reports
    • Usability: improved reporting interfaces
    • IP location database update in MyRoute
    • Fix: mapping problem in MyRoute
    • Various additional fixes and improvements

    MCS v8.0e, 10 July 2008:

    • Added Number of supported VoIP lines metric to Advanced tab for Speed test
    • Ordering of results exported to Excel changed to oldest first
    • Improved layout of some applet config items
    • Fixed bug where Alerts page could hit a Javascript error

    MCS v8.0d, 3 July 2008:

    Remote Agent supported under Mac OS X
    • Added mechanism to scroll tabs in the applet
    • Applet supports usage throttling
    • Restart test (via Javascript mechanism) now clears old results
    • Various minor fixes

    MCS v8.0c, 23 June 2008:

    • Added in-depth results for bi-directional MyVoIP tests
    • New alert default email to include many additional metrics
    • Fixed problem with alert emails, where substitution of some values in the email could fail
    MyRoute component now supports ?go=XXX syntax
    • Improvements to database results display
    • Improved audit log of server shutdown

    MCS v8.0b, 30 May 2008:

    • Support for MyRoute testing in the applet using agent improved:
       – Applet updates with new route information regularly
       – Remote Agents now perform applet traces in parallel with their other tests
    • New Published Remote Agents page allows user to remove/customize publish URLs
    • All test-related config now specifiable as <param> tags
    • New on-the-fly reporting, search the database without having to first define a new report
    • Added Unix Remote Agent support
    • Added support for changing applet base font size
    • Control Remote Agents results link fixed
    • Graphing: fixed problem where results sometimes were not displayed

    MCS v8.0a, 8 May 2008 - NEW version release!

    • New framework architecture enables use of multiple components in a single applications
    MyRoute network test analyzes network route performance
    MyVideo tests TCP connections for streaming video quality
    MyIPTV tests UDP connections for IPTV and video conferencing quality
    Satellite Servers enable connection testing between 2 remote locations, between Remote Agents
    • Significantly improved Remote Agents enable easy combination of test options, greater ease of use for automated testing
    • Significantly improved database reporting includes custom reports, summarized data
    • Significantly improved automated alerting includes browser-based reports of real-time and historical alerts
    AccessCT device provides hardware solution for testing points, integrated TCP stack enables more detailed performance metrics
    • Many additional new features and improvements


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