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MyConnection Server (MCS) delivers a broad range of support managed automated and user initiated self-help connection testing and monitoring services directly via the browser to any online customer/location anywhere in the world.

The MCS web framework delivers a solution to test bandwidth capacity, true TCP throughput speed including Gigabit, data flow quality, access restrictions, packet rate limits, as well as routing and peering problems.

The MCS automated support managed architecture provides extended pre-qualification and quality testing eliminating the burden on customer resources while delivering a more convenient solution to address persistent and intermittent problems.

MCS incorporates testing solutions for critical time dependent applications such as VoIP, Video, IPTV, video conferencing.

MCS can be tailored to match the customer need for information independently of the information needed by support. This includes presentation format, language, technical content and analysis. This reduces support demand and improves time to resolution reducing overall support costs.

Network Quality Testing

  Quality Assessment testing up to 1 Gbps!

MCS Access Series appliance delivers a unique and portable network testing platform; definitely identifies TCP quality and speed problems that dramatically impact application and customer experience.

• Portable
• Secure
• Non-invasive
• Accurate
• Robust
• Versatile

News and Information

 MCS Mobility Development Edition delivers an SDK and comprehensive testing framework that can be embedded into mobile devices and network applications for testing, analyzing and reporting connectivity problems.

• White labeling designed for development of OEM custom branded connection testing solutions
• Seamless Integration seamlessly integrates to the MCS test framework
• Wired or Wireless Platform Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux
Identify connection quality problems for remote users • Quick time to market comprehensive API for fast application development
• Quality testing Integrates to the MCS AccessCM quality testing server
• Automated Testing
• Highly Scalable

Applications and Technologies

Connection Quality
• Data Loss
• Recovery overhead
• Retransmits, Duplicates
• Congestion
• Regulation
Self-help testing
• Quality
• Speed/Capacity
• VoIP, Video, IPTV
• Firewall
Speed and Capacity
• Quality
• Throughput
• Data Flow
Automated & Managed Testing
• Automated agent
• MAC, PC, Linux
• Secure
• Quality, Capacity
• G711,G729
• Assessment
Pre-qualification & Assessment testing
• Pre-qualification
• Persistent, Intermittent
• Non-invasive
IPTV & Video
• RTSP Streaming
• UDP video, audio
• Conferencing
Wireless, embedded
• 3G, 4G, Wifi
• iPhone, Android,
Windows mobile
• Routers, firewalls
Routing and Peering
• Geo-location
• Latency behavior
• Packet Loss
• Route analysis
• Peering
• Ownership
Services, Availability
• Utilization
• Performance
• Application
• Device
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