MyConnection Server

Accurate Measurement of Network Quality & Performance
Ensures a Good User Experience
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data quality measurement
Data Quality Measurement

Network Quality is key to the user experience, so why doesn't anyone measure it?

voip streaming assessment
VoIP & Streaming Assessment

Accurate measurement of a networks ability to deliver time dependent data, such as VoIP, collaborating & conferencing.

bandwidth capacity performance
Bandwidth, Capacity & Performance

Increasing bandwidth doesn't always mean an improved user experience. Capacity utilization is vital to the user experience.

network pre-qualification
Network Pre-qualification

A single test does not define how a network performs. Consistent testing over time is essential for application success.

network service assessment
Network Service Assessment

Performance measurement of critical network services, such as DNS, FTP, Routers etc.

Secure Architecture by Design

Delivers an inbuilt web architecture designed to eliminate Internet threats

The MyConnection Server (MCS) Solution

MCS tests, measures & reports the performance and health of any network connection, LAN or WAN. MCS is an access everywhere web based enterprise solution.

The MCS distributed satellite architecture delivers a powerful, low-cost, centrally managed, deployment model which is able to address the measurement requirements of global enterprise networks.

The MCS unique Access platform technology also integrates into satellite architecture to deliver a virtually impenetrable platform, void of an operating system, that is able to measure quality as well as performance, for any network connection anywhere in the world. Finding, isolating and reporting quality problems quickly removes threats to the user experience.

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The Challenge of Measuring High Bandwidth Connections

No matter how much bandwidth is provided our desire always seems to be 'I want more'. This desire is encouraged by the persistent publicity from a myriad of bandwidth providers that more bandwidth is faster. In short bandwidth is synonymous with speed, and more speed is better for the experience than less speed...

But is this true...