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Purchase Options



Term Licenses
Includes Maintenance, Support and Upgrades

1-year 2-year 3-year
Perpetual Licenses
& 1 year Maintenance, Support, Upgrades

MCS 2NT Starter

•  Includes choice of 2 Network Test Modules  
•  Browser-based testing

$1,495 $2,850 $4,195 $4,674

MCS BusinessCenter 5-CAT

•  Includes choice of 6 Network Test Modules  
•  Browser-based testing
•  5 Concurrent Automated Agent connections 
•  SQL Data Exports 

$2,495 $4,750 $6,995 $7,794

MCS NetworkCenter 10-CAT

•  Includes choice of 10 Network Test Modules  
•  Browser-based testing
•  10 Concurrent Automated Agent connections 
•  SQL Data Exports 

$3,195 $6,075 $8,950 $9,990

MCS Mobility 10-CAT 

•  Includes MCS NetworkCenter features, plus support for MyConnection mobile app tests from Android/iOS devices.

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Concurrent Remote Agent Tests (CAT) Add-On Packs ? - Contact Sales for volume pricing

5 CAT Add-on Pack

• 5 Concurrent Automated Agent connections 

$500 $900 $1,275 $1,500

10 CAT Add-on Pack

• 10 Concurrent Automated Agent connections 

$900 $1,625 $2,295 $2,700

NEW! MyConnection Independent Certification Cloud (MICC) Purchase Options

MICC utilizes Visualware’s unique quality and performance assessment technology, which delivers a solution to allow MCS customers to quickly identify and resolve problematic connections that affect the user experience. MCS customers with a ICC license can allocate virtual Quality Assessment Points (QAP) from one or more city locations directly to the target MCS server with a simple click of the mouse.

Number of Testing Days License Term Purchase Price Price per testing day
MICC 5-Testing Days 30 days $199 $39.80
MICC 10-Testing Days 30 days $299 $29.90
MICC 50-Testing Days 180 days $799 $15.98
MICC 100-Testing Days 1 year $999 $9.99

MICC Licensing:

  • Enables testing from cloud-based Quality Assessment Points (QAPs). Licensed per number of testing days within a specified time period from date of purchase. Each QAP utilized will use a minimum of 1 testing day for any tests conducted from a QAP within a 24 hour period.

  • Usage of the MICC Quality Assessment Cloud requires a MyConnection Server license with a CAT (Concurrent Automated Test) license sufficient for the maximum number of concurrent automated test connections desired. For information on adding CAT licenses please contact sales.

Access Series Quality Assessment Appliances, NQCP Series Appliances



Portable Appliances

•  AccessCT2 100Mbps Portable Client Appliance
•  AccessCXT 1Gbps Portable Client Appliance, 1 or 2 Ports
•  AccessCM2 100Mbps Portable Server/Client Appliance, 1 or 2 Ports
•  AccessCXM 1Gbps Portable Server/Client Appliance, 1 or 2 Ports

Access Cloud Server Rack Mount Appliances

•  Access Cloud Server Rack Mount Appliance, 2, 4 or 6 Ports

Inquire The MCS Access Series Appliance solution delivers a unique testing platform which instantly identifies network quality problems that impact business applications and erode the customer quality of experience. MCS Access Series appliances operate seamlessly with the MyConnection Server application, allowing connections to be monitored for short/long term periods or a 24x7 basis. The appliances require no PC or platform OS to maintain, eliminating the overhead, security issues and resource contention common to other platforms

NQCP Series Appliances

•  NetQCheck PI
•  NQCP Industrial

Inquire NQCP Series devices are small Linux systems with installed MCS Satellite software that delivers a low-cost solution for automated connection testing, with seamless centralized managed in MCS. The NQCP devices are limited to 100Mbps and do not report the more in-depth TCP quality analysis that is reported by the Access Series appliances, however they provide the same accurate measures of TCP throughput, VoIP jitter/packet loss, UDP Capacity and network routing.