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Wireless, embedded


Benefits include:

The phenomenal success of the Apple iPad and the sudden surge of growth for tablet based products and smart phones is expected to grow network demand for mobile devices over 1000% in the next 3 years.

MCS Mobility Development Edition (MCSMD) delivers an embedded technology solution specifically designed for smart mobile devices, phones, tablets and other network devices such as PCs, modems and routers.

MCSMD includes a comprehensive SDK/API for the development of smart 3G and 4G solutions that seamlessly integrates into the MyConnection Server testing framework. MCSMD can used to develop smart client applications or MCS automated remote testing solutions, ideal for devices such as modems, routers and even Linux /Windows PCs.

The MCSMD embedded testing platform also integrates to the MCS Access Series quality testing platform to definitively identify connection problems that cause interruptions to data flow resulting in a poor customer experience.

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White labeling - MCSMD enables the development of OEM custom branded MCS compliant connection testing solutions.

Seamless Integration - MCSMD seamlessly integrates to the MyConnection Server test framework including remote testing.

Multi-platform - Supports Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux and is able to support most other platforms on request. (contact us)

Quick time to market - MCSMD delivers a comprehensive API for fast application development.

Automated Testing - Supports automated testing solutions that alleviate customer involvement and improve the customer experience.

Managed Testing - supports solutions targeted for prequalification and network assessment.

Reduced support costs - MCSMD developed solutions deliver proactive problem detection and fast resolution.

Wired or Wireless - supports solutions that address traditional DSL, Cable and Fiber connections as well as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

Quality testing - Integrates to the MCS Access Series quality testing server to definitely locate network quality problems.

Scale - MCSMD and MyConnection Server delivers a robust and secure framework that addresses large and small scale networks.

Smart Phones and Handheld devices

Access Series Quality Testing

Third Party platform solutions

Quality testing device Mobile applications demand fast connections. NetQCheck delivers an SDK solution for companies wanting to integrate comprehensive connection testing solutions on mobile devices and smart phones as well as PC, MAC and Linux workstations.

NetQCheck supports integrating quality testing into mobile, smart phone and workstation applications allowing popular handheld devices to conduct quality tests directly to MCS Access Series quality testing servers.

Quality testing device In addition to popular mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids, NetQCheck is also designed to adapt to other third party devices such as modems, routers, firewalls and VoIP telephones. NetQCheck enabled devices become start testing enabled supporting automated testing, managed testing as well as end user testing.