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Applications & Technologies

Connection Quality

Throughput and Capacity

Automated & Managed Testing

Self Help Testing

Voice over IP (VoIP)

MyConnection Server (MCS) delivers a unique solution to test the quality of any connection.

Benefits include:

•  Data Quality
•  Robust and Secure
•  Non-invasive
•  Low Cost
•  Proactive

MySpeed and MyHiSpeed are two modules of the MCS solution.

Benefits include:

•  Self-help testing
•  Robust and Secure
•  Non-invasive
•  Resource Planning
•  Pre-qualification

MCS delivers an automated testing framework specifically for support groups to automate the measurement of customer connections without imposing the burden of conducting the test process on the customer.

MCS incorporates a fully integrated secure web server to deliver a broad range of connection testing solutions directly via the browser to any online customer anywhere in the world.

Any application that delivers time dependent packets such as VoIP will fail if the network quality is poor. The very nature of audio demands that packets flow through the network consistently, failure to do so causes the audio quality to drop which eventually negates the purpose of the application.

Pre-qualification & Assessment Testing

IPTV & Video

Wireless, embedded

Routing and Peering

Services & Availability

Through extended measurements over time MCS delivers an ideal solution for prequalifying remote user connections prior to application deployment. This approach also allows support groups to discover variations in baseline performance when initiating network and/or application changes.

MyVideo and MyIPTV are two modules of the MyConnection Server (MCS) solution. These testing modules are designed to deliver a broad testing framework for accurately measuring TCP and UDP data flow quality problems that impact the customer experience.

MCS Mobility Development Edition (MCSMD) includes a comprehensive SDK/API for the development of smart 3G and 4G solutions that seamlessly integrates into the MyConnection Server testing framework. MCSMD can be used to develop smart client applications or MCS automated remote testing solutions, ideal for devices such as modems, routers and even Linux /Windows PCs.

The MyConnection Server MyRoute module identifies connection quality problems through detailed network routing discovery and analysis, for the sole objective of exposing bad routing, poor performing networks, congested peering points and unavailable devices.

MyConnection Server services testing provides a comprehensive services monitoring solution to ensure availability and performance of critical devices, applications and external services, including third party services that are material to the validation of the application performance.