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Analysis Web Reports


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Web reports are one way of viewing results from the various tests that have taken place using MCS.

To begin with a Web Report with click a WEB LINK next to a test type or click the NEW REPORT LINK in the REPORTING TOOLS section.



Results View

When the Web Report first loads the results will be shown in table format. If no results are showing it's either due to no tests of that type having been completed or the time frame is too short. See below for further generating a report with different parameters.

The example on the right shows the fields for a MySpeed test.

The Date/Time stamp is hyper-linked to allow access to the detailed report. These are available for all tests. The detailed report provides more in depth knowledge on what the results mean.


Generating a Report

To view the GENERATE REPORT section click the HIDE/SHOW LINK at the top of the page.

This will bring up the options shown on the right.

TESTS & METRICS: On the far right of the image shown the tests and metrics are shown. This is where the user can choose which results are required. Checking a test type will reveal a SELECT FIELDS link. Clicking this will allow the user to choose the precise metrics required.

TIME INTERVAL: The user can choose between either "last x hours" or a specific time interval for results.

SUMMARIZE: This will summarize the data for ALL tests that use the selected test type. For example if MySpeed is selected the report will show all custom tests that include the MySpeed test, not just the singular MySpeed Test.

IP: To filter the results by IP then enter that IP here.

DNS: To filter the results by DNS name then enter that here. Wild card characters are allowed. For example 68* will filter all results that have a DNS name starting with 68.

SID: To filter results by Session ID then enter that here. Again, wild card expressions are allowed.

ADVANCED: The Advanced text box allows for fitlering specific results by values. For example speed.dspeed>=500000 will show all results in which the download speed is greater than or equal to 500,000 Kbps. Click the HELP LINK for further examples.

To actually generate the report click the GENERATE REPORT button.


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