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System Status


Sub section menu:

To get to the system status section click on the Status link under the Server Config heading in the Administration section, as shown below:

Status Overview

The system status main view shows any alerts that have been triggered on a LAST HOUR, LAST DAY or LAST 30 DAY period.



Usage Stats and Info

This section shows various statistics that pertain to how MyConnection Server is performing and how it is being used.

It will also show system information such as the operating system currently in use, the Java version being used and other metrics along those lines.

The link at the bottom of this section will give the user more information on CAT licenses, if the license permits.



CAT Licenses

A CAT license will be used by a remote agent (RA) for each unique target IP address referenced in the RA work order.

As an example, a Remote Agent requested to perform any combination of tests will consume 1 CAT license for each unique target IP addresses defined for said tests. An RA will also be allowed to run part of a work order when there are not enough CAT licenses available for the entire work order. CAT licenses are only consumed while a Remote Agent remains connected, if the agent is stopped or becomes disconnected the CAT licenses will be released.



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