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Server Security


Sub section menu:

To get to the Server Security section click SECURITY SETTINGS in the Administration panel.


Access Control List (ACL)

The ACL allows the user to limit access to MyConnection Server (MCS).

To add a new ACL item fill in the form at the bottom of the ACL section and click the ADD ITEM button.

LEVEL OF ACCESS. Decide if the new item will deny or allow access. There are different levels of "allow" and these are listed in the drop down menu.

FROM. Choose an IP or IP range for the new item to apply to.

TO. Decide which area of MCS the new item applies to. To find exact URLs simply browse to the area of MCS required and the URL bar will contain the full URL.

Automatic Login

Automatic Login gives the administrative team the freedom to grant certain IPs and IP Ranges automatic access, without the need to keep entering a username and password.

Simply choose the IP address and the User name to use as the login. The user name drop down list is compiled using the generated users. This is done in the Users & Security section of the main menu.


Cross-site Request Forgery Protection

Cross-site request forgery attacks can allow a user to unwittingly submit a form or click a URL which is hosted on a malicious site, but which targets MyConnection Server.

Enabling this option will require all future administrative access to be performed using forms submitted from the MyConnection Server itself.


Remote Agent Password

Remote Agents can be set up to test to an alternate installation of MyConnection Server.

When this is done it's necessary to enter the password, set here, when instructing the remote agent to access the alternate server.

The deault password is "hello".


Access Series Password

Access Series Devices that perform tests to a MyConnection Server installation require the password set here.

To block access to the server by Access Devices then leave this field blank.

The deault password is "hello".


Database Post Password

Other MyConnection Servers require a password if they are to duplicate results to a different installation of MCS.

This password is set here.


Password Specification

Various password specs can be set in this section. The default setting is that a password has to be a minimum of 6 characters.


MyRoute Secure IPs

The following IPs will be restricted and will not appear within any route or be allowed as trace destinations.

Enter one IP per line or an IP range e.g.


MyRoute Custom IP to Name

You can customize the name displayed for any IP in the field below of the form IP=Name e.g. Server



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