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What is the Quality Assessment Cloud

The MyConnection Server Quality Assessment Cloud utilizes Visualware’s unique quality and performance assessment technology, which delivers a solution to allow MCS customers to quickly identify and resolve problematic connections that affect the user experience. MCS customers with a QAP license can allocate virtual Quality Assessment Points (QAP) from one or more city locations with a simple click of the mouse.

Virtual QAPs allocated to MCS from the cloud will coexist and report alongside any existing physical Satellite/Quality Assessment Points (APs). This approach delivers a simple and seamless interface for the MCS administrator who can manage the Virtual and Physical APs in a single UI. The diagram below shows an example of a bad connection in San Francisco being validated from two additional QAPs in addition to the MCS server.

This validates the first mile as well as the last mile. QAP cloud resources can be allocated for as little as a day or as long as a month or even a year.

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