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What is a MyHiSpeed Test?

MyHiSpeed accurately measures bandwidths of over 100 Mbps across long distances. It can open up to 32 concurrent connections. If the connection being tested is less an 100 Mbps then the results will be inaccurate.


Completed Test

An example of MyHiSpeed results are shown on the right.

The main metrics of acheived download and upload speed are shown at the top along with a list of other metrics just underneath, such as Quality of Service and Round Trip Time.

Graph Tab

The graph tab plots the transfer speed (Kbps) and Delay (ms) against the time (ms) taken for the test for both download and upload speeds.

You can use the plot drop down menu at the bottom of the applet to switch between download and upload results.

By hovering the mouse over a particular point in the graph you will get a tool tip showing the results for that point in the graph.

Summary Tab

The summary tab is designed to show you the main results in simple and easy to understand way. The colored discs to the left quickly tell you if the test was considered good or bad.

Advanced Tab

The advanced tab is designed to give you a run down of the metrics returned during the HiSpeed test.