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What is a MyCapacity Test?

The line capacity test measures the maximum capacity of a connection without the inherent overheads of TCP. The test is performed over a UDP connection and reports the maximum download and upload data transfer rates in conjunction with the packet to data ratios.


Completed Test

The MyCapacity test performs a UDP test for both the download and upload bandwidth. This allows us to tell you the maximum speeds for both the download and upload connection.

The results shown in the image on the right show the maximum download and upload capacity and how MyCapacity came to this result. MyCapacity sends UDP packets downstream and upstream until it gets to a speed with the least packet loss and the most Mbps.

The downstream and upstream tests go like this until the optimum results are achieved.

Losses Tab

The losses tab shows the data rate and packet loss for either the downstream or upstream at each point in the test. By hovering your mouse over the data in the graph you see the precise figures for that test.

Graph Tab

The graph tab plots the delay and transfer speed against the duration of the test for both download and upload capacity.

Hovering your mouse over any part of the graph will give you the more in depth figures.

Summary Tab

The summary tab is designed to show you the main results in simple and easy to understand way. The colored discs to the left quickly tell you if the test was considered good or bad.

Advanced Tab

The advanced tab gives you a run down of the more advanced results during the test.