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Are there any new features for HTML 5?

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The aim of the HTML 5 project was not only to provide support non-Java browsers, such as Chrome, but to also make the transition as familiar as possible. So the HTML 5 test should look almost identical to the Java version our customers are used to.

That being said we are excited to reveal the new Pie Chart view for the throughput speed test, which gives user a unique look into just how the test performed.

Pie Chart View

What does the pie chart tell the user?

The new pie chart is designed to show a clear and precise picture on the quality, consistency and performance of the service being provided. Most popular speed tests report inflated numbers because they show the highest attained (capacity) regardless of consistency and the true throughput.

The pie shows how much time was spent at the bandwidth attained as a percentage.

The quality issue being if you have a 50Mbps connection and you attain 50Mbps for only 10% of the test and 10Mbps for 50% of the test, is it correct to report the connection is 50Mbps.

As a user of the connection would you not argue with the service provider that the true measure is really 10Mbps?


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