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Publishing an HTML 5 Test

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Step 1: Start the Publishing Wizard

From the MCS main menu click the Publish a new test link in the Tools section.

Step 2: Choose "on a web page..."

Click the On a web page... option.

Step 3: Pick the test(s) required

Currently the only tests available for HTML5 are MySpeed, MyVoIP, MyCapacity or a combination of the three.

Any custom tests that have been created will appear in the bottom section of this page.

Click here to check the current available tests as the screen-shots may be out of date.

Step 4 - Choose a template

Some basic templates have been set up. Whilst these are all available in Java some are currently not available in HTML 5

Step 5 - Check HTML 5

The last step is to give the new page a name and then enable HTML 5.

To enable HTML 5 check the box, as shown on the right.

If you don't see this option then an MCS upgrade is most likely required (9.9c+).

Click submit to publish the page.

Before testing the page make sure the BCS is installed and running as a service.


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