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Database Configuration

Database Configuration

Sub section menu:

To get to the database configuration section click on the Database Config link under the Server Config heading in the Administration section, as shown below:

Back-end Database Server

It's possible to use a separate installation of MyConnection Server to pass results to. To use this feature simply enter the server URL in the back-end server text box, as shown below, and specify the password.

The password is shown in the Server Security page of the back-end server.

Analysis Toolkit Options

The Analysis Toolkit can take up a lot of memory, especially when it is asked to display lots of results over a large time period.

This section allows the user to specify the initial constraints when opening the Analysis Toolkit.

Display Options

Database reports, by default, show the connection analyzer link, which allows anyone viewing the report to view a more detailed analysis of the connection. This link can be removed from the reports by unchecking the box in this section.

Cleanup Options

The MCS database can get very large and it may be necessary to limit the amount of data kept or perform cleanups.

-1 indicates that data will be kept forever (until cleanup).

It's possible to perform a temporary cleanup. For example, if the database has been set to keep data forever, and currently has 2 years worth of data, a user could clear one year of data and then carry on collecting indefinitely. To do this set all options to 365 and then click Clear Now. This will remove all data older than 365 days. Now set the options to -1 and save settings. This will have cleaned the old data and will now continue to keep data until the next manual cleanup.


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