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Custom Reports


Sub section menu:

To create a Custom Report click the SAVED REPORTS link in the REPORTING TOOLS section.



Create a Custom Report

Scroll down to the middle of the page to find the Custom Reports section.

Enter a name of a new report and click the CREATE button, as shown on the right.




Modify Report Template - General

The top section is for general report settings.

The name and decription are used to help describe the report to users who are not familiar with it.

The report can be styled on an existing custom test. To CHOOSE A TEST TO BASE THE TEMPLATE ON select it from the drop down menu. Doing this will filter the options further down the page to match the tests being run in the custom test chosen.

SPECIFY CRITERIA: You can specify the template to only contain data from any of the fields below. Wildcard value are accepted, for example set IP to '216.*' to filter all traces from IP's starting with 216. Leave these fields blank if you don't want to screen based on any of this data. Note: For consolidated data this information is lost

ADVANCED: You can use boolean logic within this template using any of the values stored for the selected test. If no test is selected all fields are available. CLICK THE HELP LINK to get full details.


Modify Report Template - Test Metrics

The next step is to simply choose the metrics required.

The example on the right shows the metrics chosen for a Bandwidth Speed test.

When this custom report is generated it will only show the metrics chosen here.


Running the Report

The newly created report will appear in the CUSTOM REPORTS LIST.

There are some standard viewing options, such as "all last hour" or "all last day". For custom time frames simply choose the CUSTOM option.

The example at the bottom of the page shows how the report should look given the metrics chosen in this example.



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