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Creating a Remote Agent


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Remote agents allow for versatile, low cost remote testing with minimal customer/client interaction.

Click on the CREATE RA link in the ADMINISTRATION section.



Choosing a test(s) to run

A remote agent can run custom or predefinited tests.

Creating a custom test is explained here.

In this example a predefinied MySpeed test was chosen.

Running Mode

A Remote Agent can run in two ways.


A remote agent running continuously will install as service.

As shown on the right the options are fairly straight forward. If a remote agent is being tasked with more than one test then a larger pause between tests would be recommended.

Remote Agent Delivery

The next stage in creating a remote agent is to name it, set the download requirements and choose how the results will be tagged.

NAME: This is the name of the remote agent itself. This will be how it is referred to throughout MyConnection Server.

DOWNLOAD URL: There are two options here.

The first is to let MCS serve the download page. Enter a suitable page name in the text box. It's also possible to make this newly created page the home page for MCS. This is achieved by checking the ADD A REDIRECT box.

The second option is to host a page on a third party web site. This option will provide the user with a zip file containing all the files required.

RESULTS TAG: The three options are to tag all results with the clients machine name, ask the user to enter a tag or set a hard coded tag, which all tests from this agent will have.

Click SUBMIT to confirm the settings.



The resulting web page will look like the image on the right, offering three download buttons depending on the OS.

Clients can be directed to this page directly or a support agent can download an agent and email it to a client.



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