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Configure SQL Exports


Sub section menu:

Click the CONFIGURE SQL EXPORTS link in the Administration section to set up SQL exports.

This allows the user to automatically export results of tests to an SQL database.


SQL Java Support

The first area, which may not appear for some users, is updating Javas configuration to allow for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server usage.

There are links available within the product, shown on the right, that give instructions on how to download the appropriate update.

It's not necessary to update both, just for the type of SQL required.

New SQL Profile

The table showin in the SQL Configuration section will come with three examples as default.

These can all be viewed to give examples of how to customize an SQL profile.

To create a new SQL profile click the CREATE NEW SQL PROFILE link shown at the bottom of the page.

An example can be seen below.

SQL Example

PROFILE NAME. The name that will appear in the list of profiles, as shown in the section above.

SERVER TYPE. Choose either MySQL or Microsoft SQL.

SERVER ADDRESS/PORT. The URL or IP Address that MCS can access the SQL database on. If a custom port is required, enter this, too.

USERNAME & PASSWORD. The SQL database will require a username and password for access. Enter those details here.

DATABASE NAME. This name MUST MATCH the name of the database chosen when setting up the SQL database.

RUN AUTOMATICALLY. When checked all tests that post results to this MSC will also use this profile, should the test type match.

SSL. If the SQL server chosen requires an SSL connection then check this option.

A list of VALID VARIABLES can be found by clicking EXPAND ALL FIELDS as shown on the right in the blue box.

For MCS SQL Statement format and SQL table creation examples click here.



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