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Configuring a Remote Agent


Sub section menu:

Click on the CONFIGURE RAs link in the ADMINISTRATION section.



Manage Remote Agents

This page will list all remote agents that have been created.

There are a few options associated with each remote agent. These are listed as hyper links below each agent name.

The more obvious options are explained below:

DELETE: This will delete the remote agent. The agent will be deleted on any machine that currently uses the agent.

SHOW CONNECTED: This simply lists each client that is currently using a remote agent and is currently connected.

PUBLISH: This will publish the agent to a new web page that is hosted my MCS. This will allow users to browse to the new page and download the agent. Agents that appear in this list are generally already published. The page can be accessed by the link shown after the "part of published page...." text.

DOWNLOAD: Will simply download the agent.

RESULTS: This will show all the database results associated with the agent.

Advanced Options

The options shown on the right are explained below:

ALLOW MCS ADMINS TO: This feature allows MyConnection Server administrators to take control of an RA and perform different connection tests through it.

ALSO ALLOW APPLET USERS: This feature allows users of MyConnection Server test web pages to run tests from this remote agent. Whilst the remote agent is running, users of certain connection tests (for example MyRoute) will be able to select this RA as the source of the test.

ZERO vs INSTALL: A zero-install remote agent runs once on an end user's desktop, performs some tests, then shuts down and removes itself from the system. It's good for distributing to customers or clients for one-off batches of tests.

An installed remote agent runs continually on the target system. It restarts itself automatically when the system reboots and can be uninstalled from the Manage RAs page. Installed Remote Agents are good for constant connection monitoring between two network devices.

RUN LIST vs CONCURRENT: When the agent was first created a choice would have been made to either run tests concurrently until either the user or the admin stops the agent OR run a number of tests and then automatically shut down. To update the requirement simply make a choice here.

Click SAVE CHANGES to finish.


Change Workload

The options for a remote agent workload are shown on the right.

2: This section shows the test(s) being performed, which server they're being performed to and how long between each test. To modify the current workload simply click the MODIFY link.

This will bring up a page similar to the second image on the right. This allows the user to set more in-depth settings. Such as testing to an alternate MCS or a Satellite Server. It's also possible to send the results of the test to an alternate MCS database.

3: A workload can include more than one test type. The ADD NEW TASK HERE link will allow the user to add a new test to the workload. So, once the first test has been completed the agent will move on and perform the next in the list.

4: This option simply allows the user to switch between test concurrently OR test a number of times then shut down.


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