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Setting a NQC Satellite to run as as server

This tutorial details how to point an NQC Satellite to a MyConnection Server host and enable server mode.

Step 1

Entering the host MyConnection Server is done in the Server Configuration section of the NQC Satellite main menu, accessed by browsing to its IP/URL.

Simply enter the IP/URL and Port of the MyConnection Server host and a unique name, which is used to help identify it on the server.

Save the changes.

Step 2

Browse to the main menu for the MyConnection Server host entered in step 1 and locate the Administration panel on the far right.

Click the Connected link in the Access and NQC section.

Step 3

Locate the NQC Satellite using the Unique name set in step 1.

The first step is to permit the NQC Satellite. This can be done by clicking the permit link on the far right (shown in the lower image).

Once the permit link has been clicked a dialog will pop up, just click Okay to return to the window shown on the right.

Time to set the NQC Satellite to server mode.

Check the box to the left of the NQC Satellite name and then click the Advanced link.


Step 4

Towards the bottom of the resulting page will be Change Server Settings, shown on the right.

Check the box and choose Satellite/Web from the drop down menu.

Click the Apply Changes button.

The server status column in Step 3 should now show Enabled.




Step 4

It'll take a couple of minutes to register the changes but once that has occurred the NQC Satellite will show a test page, rather than the admin login, when its IP/URL is browsed to.

The admin page can still be accessed by appending /myspeed/admin to the base IP/URL (for example






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