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Migrating MCS to Another Server

The first step is to stop the MCS service before attempting any migration. The image to the right shows this in Windows.

Move the installation folder

Move/copy the installation folder to the new server/directory of choice.

The default installation folder for MCS is C:\Program Files (x86)\MyConnection Server

Check IP/Port of the install

MCS keeps the IP and port that MCS should connect to in an INI file on disk. In most circumstances the IP and port for the new install will be different.

To combat this open the local.ini file in root of the MCS installation directory and either clear the settings (which will cause MCS to pick a free IP and port, which can be changed later within the product) or add an IP and port that you know to be free.

Save the changes to finish


Now simply over-install the migrated directory with the latest copy of MCS (download).

If the version available for download is not the version you had previously, and you don't want to upgrade, then simply over-install using the version you had.

MCS should now be running and accessible by browsing to the IP/Port set in the INI file.