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Installing the Windows NQC Satellite

Locate the Windows NQC Satellite installer. To do this either go to the MCS /www/ folder, as shown on the right, or download it from that folder via a web browser. The URL for this is http://YOURMCS/myspeed/win_nqcsatellite.exe.

Configure the Satellite

The second page of the installer gives the user some configuration options, as shown on the right.


Installing as a service requires administrator privileges.

Users who do not run the installer with admin privileges will have this option greyed out.

Not installing as a service will place the Satellite on the users desktop and provide a launch batch file to run the Satellite with the chosen configuration (detailed below).


The port the satellite will run on. 8080 is the default as for most users this port is free.


The MyConnection Server host that will manage the satellite. For example, if the MyConnection Server installation required to manage the satellite is running on then enter this into the host text box.


Used to identify the Satellite on the server. It's possible to have hundreds of Satellites so picking a unique name is important.

Once that's done move on to completing the installation.

Installing as a Service Disabled

As mentioned above, installing with the service option disabled places some files on the user desktop. The installer than auto-runs the launch batch file, which runs the Satellite right away.

The image on the right shows what happens when the Satellite runs. A console window opens, which confirms the Satellite as running and in most scenarios the Firewall popup will show, which requires the user to click Allow.

Once that has been completed the Satellite is ready to be approved in MCS.

Installing as a Service Enabled

With the service option enabled the Satellite will be running silently in the background and will start each time the computer restarts.

The satellite will have connected to the chosen host and be ready for approval in MCS.

Approving a Satellite in MCS

To get to the list of Satellites from the MCS main menu click on the Satellites tab, followed by View Connected Satellites.

Or you can use a direct URL: http://YOURMCS/myspeed/admin/actstatus

The image on the right has been truncated. In the browser it will appear on a single line. To permit the Satellite simply click the Permit link, as shown, and then click Okay on the resulting popup. Done!