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Test & Result Customization/Creation

Branding test display
Combining Tests
Configuring a Throughput Speed test as a Capacity test
Creating a Custom Monitoring Test
Creating a Custom Test
Creating a Custom DNS Test
Creating a eMail Results link after the test has finished
Creating a Session ID (SID) to identify test results
Customizing a Published Test Page
Customizing presented results
Restarting the Test Without a Page Refresh

Satellites (NQC, Access Devices)

Add an Access Series device to MyConnection Server
Adding a Gauge View Speed Test to an Access Device/NetQCheck engine
Assigning a Work Order to a Satellite
Enabling a Satellite to run as a Server
Publishing a test to an Access quality testing server or NetQCheck Satellite Server
Removing metrics from an Access Device applet
Setting up a unique configuration directory for one or more Access Devices
Setting up an Access Series device for a DHCP network
Setting up an Access Series device for a Non DHCP network
Updating Access Series firmware (Config Utility)
Updating Access Series firmware (Web)

Access Cloud Servers (ACS)

Connecting and Configuring an ACS Rack Mount

Remote Agents/Work Orders

Create a Remote Agent
Creating a Remote Agent then adding a second test to the work-order
Install a Remote Agent
Publish a Remote Agent
Remote Agent testing to a Satellite Server/Access Device
Run a Remote Agent as a service
Send Results from a Remote Agent running on an Access Device to a different MCS server
Uninstall a Remote Agent

NetQCheck (NQC)

Deploy an Android NetQCheck Agent
Find the version for an NQC Satellite
Run the NQC Satellite on Linux (inc. NetQCheckPi)
Run the NQC Satellite on Windows
Setting a NetQCheck Agent to test to a Satellite Server
Setting a NQC Satellite to run as as server
Viewing the audit log for a NQC Satellite
Install and Configure Agent for Android

Quality Assessment Points (QAP)

Adding a QAP
Assigning a work order to a QAP
Releasing a QAP

Publishing Tests

Publishing a custom test page
Publishing a test to an existing page
Setting the MCS home page to show a published test
Setting the MCS home page to show a published test (v9.4k and above)


Accessing an Audit report for a test
Creating and using a Custom Web Report
Displaying results from the database using a URL string
Review Monitoring Results
Review Test Results
Save Custom Reports
Setting a Custom Filter
Setting Thresholds
Show Data by Thresholds
View Web Report Data


Add a permitted domain
Adding password protection to an existing published page
Create a New User
Enable HTTPS for MCS
Entering a license key
Migrating to a new server/directory
Restricting the Login page
Restricting the MCS Main Menu to Admin users only
Setting the IP and Port for MCS
Setting IIS to work as a reverse proxy

Using SQL

Configure a MySQL Server
Deliver results to a MySQL database

Mirror Networks & Satellite Servers

Creating a Mirror Network
Deploying a Java Satellite Server
Joining a Mirror Network

Alerting & Email Templates

Add an Alert (generic)
Adding an Alert to Trigger an Email based on test results
Create a New Email Template


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