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Customizing a Published Test Page

Step 1

Once a test has been published in MyConnection Server (MCS) it's possible to edit the body of the page.

This allows the user to brand a page even though it's being served by MCS.

Once a page has been published is appears in the /www/publish folder that can be found in the MCS installation directory.

MCS installation directory

Step 2

The HTML for a newly published page will look something like the image on the right. Just a basic page that include the <applet> </applet> code.

When editing a page make sure the <applet> </applet> code stays intact. If any of this is removed/altered it may affect the test itself.

edit HTML

Step 3: Before

The image on the right shows how a newly published page in MCS will look.

Step 4: After

With a few minor changes the standard page can become a branded page.

The changes to the HTML (shown on the right) were to simply wrap the applet in a table, change some text and add some styling.

An "images" folder was added to the /www/publish folder found in the MCS installation directory.

This had to be done to include the logo image and to make sure it was served by MCS. It's possible to link to an image somewhere else on the web, too.

NOTE: When the changes have been made it's necessary to STOP and then START the MCS service. The changes will not take effect until this has been done.



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