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Deploy A Java Satellite Server

Java Satellites (deprecated) only support automated agent testing not browser testing. We recommend using C based satellites.

To deploy a Java Satellite Server go to Satellites » Deploy Satellites » Java Based Satellite from the MCS Main menu

Choose Satellite Type

Enter a friendly name, which is used to identify the satellite server, and choose the platform you want to run the server on.

Top: Windows options

Bottom: Linux/Unix options.


Click the Download button and then Save the satellite.exe to your hard drive.

Double click the satellite.exe file on the machine where the server is to be installed. A message should appear stating that the satellite server is running in the background if it has been installed correctly.

The satellite server is now running and can be used for testing.

Note that testing settings can be found by clicking View Status/Edit Settings in the View Satellite Servers page.


Click the Download Software button and then Save the satellite.exe to your hard drive.

Follow the steps listed below to install the satellite server:

1. Download the satellite.tar file from the server

2. Extract the .tar into an install directory of choice: tar -xf satellite.tar

3. From the install directory run the configuration script: sh

4. Download the satellite.ini file from the server and place it in the directory chosen in (3)

5. Finally start the satellite server on the Linux platform by running the script: sh start

In addition to installing the satellite server an INI file is needed. Click the Download Configuration button to begin the download. Save the file as satellite.ini in the installation directory chosen when installing the actual satellite server.

Once this has been done the satellite server will be ready for testing.