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Configuring a Throughput Speed test as a Capacity test

When configuring a speed test there are two options provided, Application speed and Capacity speed. These two test options deliver entirely different assessments of the connection being tested. Select Capacity Speed to assess the maximum data the connection is able to deliver, select Application Speed (RFC 6349) to assess how a typical application will perform when using the pipe (throughput, user experience).

Step 1

To create a capacity test requires a custom test to be created or an existing test to be amended.

To do this click the Manage Custom Tests link under the Tools menu.

Now enter a name for the custom test and click the Create Test button or (if changing an existing test) select the test from the list of tests showing.

Note. For simplicity the remainder of this tutorial describes creating a new test.


Step 2

Check the box next to Perform a MySpeed test. This will reveal a list of parameters that can be changed for the test.

Select 'Capacity Speed' as the test type.

By choosing Capacity speed, as shown on the right, two more options will appear.

These options allow the user to set the number of Download and Upload socket sessions to be used for the Capacity test. Note that selecting 'auto' will sample the connection at the start of the test and set the session count automatically. If the connection is known to have performance problems then you may need to set the parameter manually.

Note. It is important that the session count value does not exceed the bandwidth delay product (RFC6349). Please contact support if you need help with this setting.

Make any other changes to the remainder of the test settings as required

Best practice: Set 5,5,5 for the trip measurement settings. Trip time latency governs the performance of the connection, trip time consistency is therefore the first indicator of a bad or weak connection.

Click the Save Test button.

Step 3

The new custom test will appear in the tests overview section.

Clicking Run Test will launch the applet and from there a test can be started.


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