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Creating a Remote Agent

From the MCS main menu Create under the Remote Agent heading in the Administration menu.

Choose the Test(s) to Run

Choose from either a predefined test or a custom test

When finished the remote agent will run these tests. It's also possible to add to a remote agent once it has been created.

Choose Running Mode

There are two modes that a Remote Agent can run:

Continuously Perform Tests

Simply choose the amount of time, if any, the remote agent should pause between tests. The next option only applies to Java agents. If a user downloads and runs a Java agent should the agent resume testing on a machine reboot. If yes, check the option.

Run a Limited Number of Tests

Simply choose the number of tests to perform, the pause between test tests and what the agent should do once the tests have finished.

Finish by clicking the Submit button.

Choose Publish Options

First and foremost choose a name for the remote agent. This name will appear in the list of remote agetns throughout the product, so it's best to choose a name that indicates the purpose of the remote agent.

The last section of the page allows for adding tags to the results produced by the remote agent. This will make the results in the database easily indentifiable

To finish click the Publish button.

The newly created remote agent (also referred to as a work order) can now be downloaded (for Java users) or assigned to a Satellite (NQC and Access Devices).