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Configuring an Access Cloud Serer (ACS) Rack Mount

Once physically installed in a rack the ACS has to be configured so that it can connect with MyConnection Server.

Each port on the back of the device has to be configured individually.

For that you will need to connect a laptop, using a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable, to each port and run the Visualware Access Configuration Utility.

The latest ACU can be obtained by contacting sales.

Search for the IP Address

Each port on the ACS has it's own IP address. The utility can automatically search for this IP address by clicking the Search button.

Once the IP address has been located click the Connect button to begin the next stage of the configuration.

Set MCS Host and Unique name

Once the ACU has connected successfully click on the Network Configuration tab.

On this tab set the IP/Domain and port of the MCS host that will be managing the ACS.

Also, set a unique name for the device. This will make it easy to identify the device on the server. As ACS's have 6 ports we advise using a naming convention that identifies first the ACS and then the port. For example ACSNYC1, which implies an ACS in New York on port 1 of the device.

Once that's been done the ACS should now appear in the Satellites list in MCS. Click here for help on permitting the device in MCS, which will allow work orders to be assigned.