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Adding a Quality Assessment Point

Quality Assessment Points (QAPs) leverage Visualware's Quality Assessment Cloud services as a virtual resource.

QAPs allow MCS to automatically distribute tests to one or more city locations to validate connectivity problems using multiple test source locations.

To view available QAPs click on the Quality APs heading in the MCS main menu, as shown on the right.

Click on a Location

Left click on the location and then click on Add.

Confirm Selection

A dialog will appear with two options, confirm or cancel. Click confirm to proceed with adding the location.

Location Pending

It will take a minute or two to add the location to the satellites list. Whilst a location is pending the icon will be yellow.

Connected Satellites

When the location has been added it will appear in the connected satellites list. The link to this section is in the tools menu on the right hand side of the locations list.


Before a work order can be assigned the satellite (location) must be permitted.

If this is the first location it will be fairly easy to find it, as it'll be the only one. To the right hand side of the table there will be a permit link. Click this.

Permit Pop-up

Click the Permit button to complete the process.

If there is already a work order available to choose from then this can be selected here using the drop down menu.


The satellite will now appear as permitted and connected.