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Internet Route Testing


Benefits include:

Application performance is materially dependent on the quality of the connection between the user (client) and the server (application). Understanding the quality of the network path between the application and the user is a crucial element in isolating the cause of data quality problems.

The MyConnection Server MyRoute module identifies connection quality problems through detailed network routing discovery and analysis, for the sole objective of exposing bad routing, poor performing networks, congested peering points and unavailable devices. The MyRoute network route test provides valuable insight to the path of a connection which uncovers the cause of high latencies and/or lost packets. These are significant threats that cause erratic data flow problems resulting a bad user experience and ultimately applications failure.

MyRoute delivers an integrated geo-location service to identify bad routing, correlating high latency to relative distances between locations. This exposes high risk peering points where independently managed networks connect as well as excessively long routes.

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Prequalification Testing – automated solutions ensure that application roll-out programs are not compromised by poor quality last-mile network services.

Self-help - delivers an out-of-the-box easy to use solution via the browser to any desktop anywhere in the world.

Reduced support costs – Unlimited browser access allows problems to be resolved without consuming costly support resources.

Customer acceptance - Custom options allows testing to be tailored for delivery to novice users as well as support engineers.

Branding and language support- browser customization delivers integrated branding and language support for improved customer value.

Throughput and Capacity Assessment - identifies poor connections and peering points that affect VoIP performance.

Wired to Wireless - support for desktop, laptops as well as mobile phones and other PDA devices.

Data Quality - identifies data flow problems that cause VoIP quality to fail such as data loss and jitter.

Non-invasive - Automated testing alleviates customer involvement and eliminates risks from using customer hardware for testing.

Robust and Secure - User profiles, data redundancy, data mirroring and non-pc testing appliances deliver a robust scalable solution that adapts to corporate security policies and deployment models.

Scale – Browser and automated testing architectures deliver a solution that will accommodate large scale B2B and B2C networks.

Proactive – Rules based alerting delivers early detection for problem avoidance.

Web-based Route Analysis

Detailed Network Discovery

Forward & Reverse Traces

Quality testing device MCS provides a centralized 'self-help' route analysis tool for remote users to diagnose their connection problems, and for support groups to troubleshoot connection problems for remote users. Support technicians can perform routing tests initiating from the MCS server or from a remote customer, and easily view the results in the MCS database.

MyRoute analyzes the network path of a connection to identify the cause of connection slowdowns and outages. Packet loss and latency are reported for each network hop, along with the network provider information, estimated geographical location, and Whois lookup information.

Quality testing device MCS route tests can be initiated from the MCS server or the remote client, providing views to the connection path and route analysis between any two locations.