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Quality Assessment Testing


Benefits include:

MyConnection Server delivers a unique solution to test the quality of any connection. The MyConnection Server MCS Access Series technology delivers an AUTOMATED and MANAGED testing platform that definitively IDENTIFIES CONNECTION PROBLEMS, intermittent and persistent, that cause interruptions to data flow resulting in a poor customer experience.

When a network is heavily regulated and/or congested, packet health is compromised and this dramatically impacts performance. Unfortunately it is poor data quality (erratic, lost or delayed packets) that causes the application experience to fail, not speed. Monitoring solutions fail because they cannot assess the relevance of a packet only utilization, this level of data is simply not visible. This is like monitoring road traffic, you can assess the road is busy or idle but you cannot assess if a vehicle is about to arrive late and why.

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Data quality – Identifies connection problems that cause data integrity problems and recovery delays.

Hardware independent – Eliminates risks and isolates platform interference from using customer hardware for testing.

Non-invasive – Automated testing alleviates customer involvement and improves customer experience.

Robust and Secure - non-pc based testing delivers a robust solution for public deployment by eliminating traditional operating system threats such as viruses and hacking.

Support Managed Testing - addresses intermittent and persistent connection problems that dramatically impact customer experience.

Reduced support costs – Automated quality testing reduces the support burden through quick problem identification.

Application acceptance - automated managed testing ensures successful application deployments to new and existing accounts.

Proactive – Rules based alerting delivers early detection for problem avoidance.

Low cost – Small and portable platform delivers low power and almost zero heat, ideal for field engineers as well as permanent deployments.

Access Series Quality Test Devices

Edge to Edge Testing

On Demand Tests

AccessCXT/CXM Devices Support 1 Gbps Testing

The MCS Access Series appliances extend the MyConnection Server application to provide additional connection quality analysis and identification of problems occurring in the remote LAN and WAN thatQuality testing device are otherwise difficult to uncover.

Access devices can be easily located at the network edge or application server locations to align with application delivery. The devices act as testing clients or servers, enabling quality analysis testing between anyQuality testing device 2 points on a network.

The MCS AccessCM browser test option provides a quick and low cost means to identify connection data flow problems that impact connection service to remote users. Automated testing over extendedQuality testing device time periods is also supported.

•  Accurately measures connection throughput to 1 gigabit

•  Identifies data flow quality problems