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Current License


MyConnection Server v9 Licensed MCS 9 users may upgrade to any MCS 9.x release using their existing license.

To upgrade an existing MyConnection Server v9 license to a different package, add Remote Agent Tests and Satellite Servers, or additional MCS server licenses, please contact Sales.
MyConnection Server v8,
MySpeed Server v7,

Customers with active (not expired) MCS v8 or MySpeed Server term licenses (1, 2 or 3-year licenses) or with a current Annual Upgrade/Maintenance Subscription, may upgrade to MCS v9 at no charge. To request your MCS v9 upgrade license or to upgrade to a different license option please contact Sales.
Access Series Embedded MCS (eMCS)

Customers with current Maintenance for their Access Series appliances may update the eMCS for the devices.

Upgrading the MCS Software

MyConnection Server v9 minor version updates (MCS v9.x to v9.x)

MyConnection Server (MCS) v9.x can be over-installed a prior v9.x release, just stop the MCS Server prior to the over-install, then restart the MCS Server.

We RECOMMEND BACKING UP MCS before over-installing. To do this simply copy the entire installation directory to a safe place. MCS is designed to run entirely from the installation directory.

Upgrading MyConnection Server v9 from MyConnection Server v8

The upgrade process from MCS v8 to MCS v9 is fairly straightforward:


  1. Take a backup of your install directory
  2. Download the current MCS v9 release
  3. Stop the current MCS service
  4. Over-install the new MCS v9 release
  5. Restart the MCS service
  6. Apply the new v9 license key


  1. Take a backup of your install directory
  2. Download the current  myconnectionsvr.tar
  3. Extract it using "tar -xf myconnectionsvr.tar"
  4. Run the configuration script using "sh"
  5. When prompted, install over the top of your existing release. The script will take care of shutting down and restarting the service when necessary.
  6. Apply the new v9 license key

Everything (including database, configuration, logs, cache, etc.) is completely compatible between the two versions and will be recognized by the v9 application. In regard to the Remote Agents: any Remote Agents running on Windows systems will automatically update themselves to v9, any Remote Agents running on Mac/Linux/Unix will need to be updated manually.

Help and Support, Temporary Licenses

If you have any questions or doubts about the upgrade process please contact Support. If you have purchased a new MCS license and need a temporary license for your current version to allow more time to upgrade to MCS v9, please request a temporary key from Sales.

Adding Network Tests, Remote Agent Tests, Satellite Servers, MCS Access Series appliances

If you are interested in upgrading your current license to addNetwork Test Modules, Remote Agents and Satellite Servers or the MCS Access Series appliances, please contact Sales.