MySpeed and MyHiSpeed are two modules of the MyConnection Server (MCS) solution. These modules are designed deliver a broad testing framework to accurately identify TCP and HTTP data flow and throughput (speed) problems that impact the customer experience and cause applications to fail. The MCS solution addresses a wide range of network types from conventional DSL and Cable services to very high speed Gigabit connections.

MyConnection Server provides a solution that delivers connection testing tools and services for support groups, field engineers as well as business and consumer customers. Learn more...

Benefits include:

Self-help testing - reduces customer support burden, browser access delivers low cost connection testing directly to any desktop.

Throughput/Capacity Assessment - identifies poor connections and peering points that affect application performance.

Non-invasive - improves accuracy and reduces risk,  Portable MCS Access Series testing appliances isolate customer hardware interference.

Mobile/Wireless - NetQCheckTM delivers a custom solution for wireless and mobile devices including white labeling support.

Customer Burden Reduction - reduces costs, support managed framework eliminates the need for customer involvement.

Pre qualification, application acceptance - automated managed testing ensures successful application deployments to new and existing accounts.

Managed Testing - solves intermittent/persistent connection problems that dramatically impact customers.

Customer acceptance - Custom options allow result presentation to be tailored for novice users as well as support engineers.

Proactive alerting - improved customer retention through early detection and problem avoidance.

Branding - browser customization delivers integrated branding and language support.

Resource planning - better resource usage through integrated data analysis and  baseline variance reporting.

Packet centric measurement - improves application experience, unparalleled testing accuracy and exposure of congestion/regulation policies.

Robust, Secure, Redundancy - Adapts to corporate security policies and global deployment models; User profiles, data redundancy, mirroring and non-pc based appliances deliver a robust, scalable solution.
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