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Throughput & Capacity


Benefits include:

MySpeed and MyHiSpeed are two modules of the MyConnection Server (MCS) solution. These modules are designed deliver a broad testing framework to accurately identify TCP and HTTP data flow and throughput (speed) problems that impact the customer experience and cause applications to fail. The MCS solution addresses a wide range of network types from conventional DSL and Cable services to very high speed Gigabit connections.

MyConnection Server provides a solution that delivers connection testing tools and services for support groups, field engineers as well as business and consumer customers.

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Measure Quality of Experience

MCS MySpeed measures the actual end-to-end throughput that a TCP application will achieve for the connection being tested. Measuring at the packet level MySpeed identifies any inherent TCP flow control delays as well as quality invoked delays such as packet loss. Delivering an accurate measure of the test process ensures that the data flow matches the application requirement such media based VoIP or Video.

MySpeed Gauge View

Self-help testing - reduces customer support burden, browser access delivers low cost connection testing directly to any desktop.

Throughput/Capacity Assessment - identifies poor connections and peering points that affect application performance.

Non-invasive - improves accuracy and reduces risk, Portable MCS Access Series testing appliances isolate customer hardware interference.

Mobile/Wireless - NetQCheckTM delivers a custom solution for wireless and mobile devices including white labeling support.

Customer Burden Reduction - reduces costs, support managed framework eliminates the need for customer involvement.

Pre qualification, application acceptance - automated managed testing ensures successful application deployments to new and existing accounts.

Managed Testing - solves intermittent/persistent connection problems that dramatically impact customers.

Customer acceptance - Custom options allow result presentation to be tailored for novice users as well as support engineers.

Proactive alerting - improved customer retention through early detection and problem avoidance.

Branding - browser customization delivers integrated branding and language support.

Resource planning - better resource usage through integrated data analysis and baseline variance reporting.

Packet centric measurement - improves application experience, unparalleled testing accuracy and exposure of congestion/regulation policies.

Robust, Secure, Redundancy - Adapts to corporate security policies and global deployment models; User profiles, data redundancy, mirroring and non-pc based appliances deliver a robust, scalable solution.

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Determine where delays occur

Measure 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps Connections

Where delays occur Packet level measurement delivers visibility to TCP data flow to determine where delays occur. Quality problems such as data loss and retransmits invoke excessive TCP delays. MySpeed/MyHiSpeed provides graphical analysis of TCP data flow that identifies data flow irregularities to help determine the cause of slow connections.

MyHiSpeed Test MCS MyHiSpeed delivers a powerful testing engine to accurately measure high bandwidth connection capacities from 100Mbps to 1 Gigabit and higher.