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MCS 10 New Features and Enhancements

MCS v10 includes a powerful new MyConnection Independent Certification Cloud (MICC) network testing service:

  • MICC enables MCS customers to conduct connection tests from Visualware’s Quality Assessment Points (QAP’s) deployed in major city locations.
    • The MyConnection Server Quality Assessment Cloud utilizes Visualware’s unique quality and performance assessment technology, which delivers a solution to allow MCS customers to quickly identify and resolve problematic connections that affect the user experience. MCS customers with an MICC license can allocate virtual Quality Assessment Points (QAP) from one or more city locations, and enable connection assessment tests directly to the target MCS server with a simple click of the mouse.
    • Virtual QAPs allocated to MCS from the cloud will coexist and report alongside any existing physical Satellite/Quality Assessment Points (APs). This approach delivers a simple and seamless interface for the MCS administrator who can manage the Virtual and Physical APs in a single UI.
    • Enable quick and accurate validation of the first mile as well as the last mile. QAP cloud resources can be allocated for as little as a day, a month or even a year. Use of the Quality Assessment Cloud is available by subscription based on the number of testing days. Usage of the Quality Assessment Cloud requires a MCS CAT (Concurrent Automated Test) license sufficient for the maximum number of concurrent automated test connections desired.

In addition, MCS v10 adds many significant enhancements including:

  • New HTML5 Bi-directional Route test. Most route tests just show one path through the network. Utilizing Independent inbound and outbound routes allow asymmetric latency problems to be quickly identified and resolved.
  • New HTML5 Firewall test. Provides a framework for testing and validating high volume port assignments.
  • New non-java Satellites allows network administrators to establish network remote testing servers and testing agents throughout an enterprise network.
  • Improved reporting: MCS includes an optional MySQL install with automated export of MCS test result data to the MySQL database. This provides flexibility to combine your customer data or other business data with the MCS test results for customized reports and dashboards via popular third party reporting tools.
  • New Synchronized ACS server option. Measuring 10Gbps and 100Gbps connections throughput and capacity accurately is very difficult. This option allows for accurate measurement and assessment of multi-gigabit connections by synchronizing the highly efficient multiport quality testing ACS Cloud Satellite Servers.
  • Updated user-interface with improved ease of use.