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Latest Firmware Versions (history):

v1.0.0.147, v2.0.0.81, v3.0.0.81, v3.1.0.81, v4.0.0.32
v5.0.0.32, v5.1.0.32, v6.0.0.32

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Server System Hardware

Recommended: 2 GHz CPU 4+ core x64, 500GB free disk, 16-32 GB memory
Minimum: 2 GHz CPU 2-4 cores x32/x64, 500GB free disk, 8-16 GB memory

Average database storage is 2 GB per 10,000 tests

Virtual Servers: MCS may be run on a virtual server. However a small number of users have experienced erroneous jitter reports due to an inaccurate timer on a virtual server. If you are planning to utilize the VoIP test, we recommend an initial validation of the results by comparing jitter test results from MCS on a dedicated server and the virtual server.

Operating Systems (MCS Server)

Windows Server 2008-2016

Linux kernel 2.2.5 and above, RedHat 7.6 and above, and most other popular Linux distributions (Ubunut, CentOS etc.) - Intel (x86) architecture only
- Must be root to install, but not to run product
32-bit or 64-bit
- Visualware products require a 32-bit Java.

Remote Test System OS/Hardware (for Satellites)

Windows 7-10, Windows Server 2008-2016, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan), 4+ GB memory

Java Requirements

Java JRE 8 or later: To download and install the latest J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) JRE, please see To check if you already have Sun's JVM installed, or to find the version number:
- Go to, or

- Open a command prompt and type java -version [enter]. If Sun's JVM is present it will give you a version number.

It is recommended that you keep the Java VM up to date by installing the latest version available.

Java for Windows platforms: The Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is included with MyConnection Server for Windows and does not need to downloaded or installed separately.

SQL Database API (optional)

MCS includes a proprietary database that automatically logs all test results (not included in MySpeed Standard). A SQL database API is available in the BusinessCenter and NetworkCenter packages, use of the API requires a licensed external SQL database:

MySQL: Download Connector/J from the MySQL web site.

Microsoft SQL Server: Download the SQL Server JDBC from the Microsoft web site.

Port Requirements

The default ports for the various MyConnection Server test types are listed below. The ports can be changed if needed in the MCS server configuration page.

MySpeed: TCP, ports 20000, 20001
MyHiSpeed: same as MySpeed above
MyVoIP: UDP, ports 20000, 20001, TCP port 5060 (SIP test)
MyCapacity: UDP, port 8090
MyVideo: TCP, port 554
MyIPTV: UDP, ports 554, 555, 556
MyRoute: ICMP outbound - echo request; ICMP inbound - TTL expired in transit, Echo reply
MyFirewall: UDP/TCP, these ports (or port ranges) are set in the 'custom test' option

MyConnection Server includes a web engine which normally runs on HTTP port 80, although it can run on other ports. If MCS is to coexist on a server with IIS and you want MCS to run on port 80, see: stop IIS port grab.