MyConnection Server (MCS) delivers an automated testing framework specifically for support groups to automate the measurement customer connections without imposing the burden of conducting the test process on the customer. Through the flexibility of being able to run more extensive tests, support and engineering groups can more accurately and quickly assess connections that affect the customer experience.

Through extended measurements over time MCS also delivers an ideal solution to identify congestion patterns and hardware problems. This approach also allows support groups to discover variations in baseline performance when initiating network and/or application changes. Learn more...

Connection Test Method Comparison


Benefits include:

Automated – testing delivers a fast, low cost solution to quickly identify problems that affect the customer experience.

Non-invasive – Automated testing alleviates customer involvement and eliminates risks from using customer hardware for testing.

Support Managed – supports testing over time to addresses intermittent and persistent connection problems.

Reduced support costs – Automated testing reduces the support burden especially when testing over time is required.

Wired to Wireless – accommodates connection management both wired and wireless networks.

Data Quality – Automated testing supports the use of MCS Access Series technology to immediately identify quality problems.

Scale – The automated framework delivers a solution that will accommodate large scale corporate and consumer networks.

Resource planning – integrated data analysis delivers baseline reporting to better manage resource usage.

Proactive – Automated testing is ideal for rules base alerting to deliver early detection for problem avoidance.
Non-invasive connection testing
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Edge-to-Edge and End-to-End Testing
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Flexible Test Methods
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