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Access Series Quality Assessment Appliances

Access Series Rack Mount Unit

The MCS Access Series Appliance (ASA) solution delivers a unique testing platform which instantly identifies network quality problems that impact business applications and erode the customer quality of experience. The technology reports quality events including packet loss, retransmits, duplicates and retransmit timeouts, including the essential aspect of the recovery delay and effect on the connection service.

MCS Access Series appliances operate seamlessly with the MyConnection Server application, allowing connections to be monitored for short/long term periods or a 24x7 basis. The appliances require no PC or platform OS to maintain, eliminating the overhead, security issues and resource contention of other platforms with an operating system.


How would Access Series appliances help us?

The Access Series appliances deliver a secure, low cost platform that accurately measures network quality and performance 24x7 making it an ideal solution for:

  • Field engineers focused on resolving onsite customer problems
  • - Off-platform testing, eliminates interference from customer equipment
  • Quality assurance of critical network connections
  • - Automated quality testing for multiple connections
  • Customer self-assessment problem identification
  • - Connection quality and performance testing directly to the customer desktop browser
  • Pre qualification of connections for new customer deployments
  • - A non-invasive automated solution to validate customer network quality and performance prior to a new application rollout
  • Desktop and Mobility platform support
  • - Access Series appliances and MyConnection Server (MCS), delivers a single solution that covers measurement of wired, wireless and 3G/4G connections from standard desktop and server platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and the iOS and Android mobile platforms
Visualware AccessCX Series
AccessCX Series Portable Device

Key benefits of the ASA solution

  • Accurate measurement
  • Measures data quality
  • Supports a variety of connection test types
  • Edge-to-edge, end-to-end testing
  • Web-based connection testing
  • Automated testing
  • Off platform testing
Visualware AccessCX Series
Access Series Portable Device

Access Series Appliances are available in a variety of models for flexible deployment options

-  Access Cloud Server 1U Rack Mount Appliances, ideal for data center and cloud deployments
-  AccessCXM/CXT, AccessCM2 and AccessCT2 Portable Appliances, ideal for temporary or continuous testing from customer sites, remote offices and end-user locations

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